We breed beautiful laid back Ragdolls and cherish every moment we share with them

Our  Girls                                  

Angel   (Ragamour Tallulah) is a seal tortie colourpoint born 11th May 2004. (Pictured below) She was a very lively kitten, she has mellowed and is a very laid back family pet. She is still playfull and loves her toy mice. But, thankfully she is not as naughty as she once was.

Angel was my first Ragdoll, as they say one Ragdoll just leads to another. Angel is happy to have been joined by my other cats, although she occasionally reminds them that she is the boss. She is actually like a mum to them all and makes sure they get a daily wash.

Angel has proven to be a wonderful mother. She has produced beautiful, healthy, bundles of fun in a variety of colours. Including- seals, blues, reds, creams & torties. There are pictures of Angels kittens on my pictures page.

Angels last litter of kittens joined their families in June 2006.

Sophie  (Draupnir Sophie Tiger) is a seal tabby mitted Ragdoll. Born 1st of January 2007. (Pictured below). She is a sweetheart, she is very affectionate and friendly. She has a beautiful expression. A brilliant mum and has had beautiful kittens that have been hard to part with.

Sophie had her first litter of kittens in July 2008. Sophie is a wonderful mum and passed on her lovely temperament to her kittens. 



Lenor (Draupnir Ladyelenor) is a blue tortie mitted Ragdoll. (pictured below). She is my shadow and takes a keen interest in everything I do, she much prefers human company to that of the other cats.

Lenor is always first to the food bowls in the morning. Lenor is a very solid chunky looking Raggy, she is not huge but deceptively heavy. 

Lenors first litter of kittens kittens were born 7th Feb 08. (Chinese new year). Lenor has now been spayed 




Dolly (Angelkiss Chinadoll) Dolly is Lenors daughter from her first litter 7th Feb 08. Dolly is a seal bicolour tabby Ragdoll (high mitted).

 Dolly is and has always been a very bold confident cat. She is very vocal and will not be ignored. Dolly is a lap cat will do all she can to cuddle on my lap. Even when I am crouching to get things out of cupboards, Dolly is trying to get on my lap.  

Dolly was put with our lovely boy Chase and we had four beautiful kittens that were born 29 July 2010.

Dolly has now been spayed and happily lives with my grandmother.



Fifi   (Angelkiss Fifi) Fifi is the daughter of Sophie & Chase born 9th July 2010. She is a beautiful Seal tabby bicolour.   

I am very pleased with her she seems to have inherited her fathers deep blue eyes and will hopefully have her mothers wonderful temperament... Fifi is a loving mild mannered young lady who is yet to bless us with a litter of kittens.    


Aaawwww!!! What a cutie!!!