We breed beautiful laid back Ragdolls and cherish every moment we share with them

My Boys

Chase (Lanega Angelkiss Chase) is a nicely marked seal bicolour entire male Ragdoll. He was born on the 22nd April 2007.

His sire- Catricat Tommy Tucker, his dam- Ishamac Mabelle Chloe.

Chase has developed into a lovable handsome boy and has sired his first litter of kittens 10th June 2009. I am very pleased with this litter. I hope he continues to produce kittens as beautiful and lovable as he is. This photo doesn't really do him justice. If he is not playing he is kissing the camera so it is hard to get a good piccy of him.


Bobby (Angelkiss Bobby Dazzler) is a red colourpoint neutered male Ragdoll. He was born on the 14th March 2006.

Sire- Valleycat  Viagrra, Dam- (Angel) Ragamour Tallula.

I never intended keeping a neutered male Ragdoll, but, Bobby has me under his spell. He has such a sweet nature, he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and I am putty. He is extremely laid back and has enjoyed the attention he has had at the few shows he has attended.

Bobby was awarded a trophy by The British Ragdoll Cat Club for the Best Red series colourpoint kitten 2006! Well done bobby!