We breed beautiful laid back Ragdolls and cherish every moment we share with them


This is a pic of Angel as she is now          Angel was about 10 or 11 months old in this pic.These four babies are from Angels first litter. There were two seal colourpoints and two blue mitted kittens.  2005.

This cute bunch of kitties are Angels second litter of seven! All kittens were colourpoints. There was a seal, a seal tortie, a blue, three reds and a cream. It was so nice to be able to enjoy so many different colours from one litter. 2006.


The above piccies are of some of the kittens from Angels second litter...Looking all grown up at less than a year old. All still live in South Wales. The seal point cat on the left is Baileyboy, he and Braveheart (the cream point next pic along) were sold as show nueters and are doing really well.(more info on my show news page). The third cat is Beau he is a handsome red point, he was sold as a pet and lives happily with his brother Blueyboy. Blueyboys picture (below) was taken at just over a year old. He is a large Blue colourpoint boy and still growing!!!

(sorry it's a small pic, any bigger and its a blur lol)!

Here is Angelkiss Bobby Dazzler at seven weeks old and Bobby again at eleven months. He is from the same litter as the cats above him.

This is Kiki. The first pic shows Kikis lovely profile and the second shows off her fantastically plush tail. Kiki a fawn Somali is sadly no longer with us. I miss her dearly.

This is Chase at twelve weeks...  And this is Chase at ten months. Look how his colouring has developed.

Lenor at around seven months... Lenor at fourteen months, I think she gets better with age!


Lenors 1st litter of kittens at nearly three weeks old. You can see thier colours are becoming clearer. Ragdolls are born white!